October 23, 2020

Volunteering at Reading City

The pandemic has been very hard on us all, but sports clubs have been deeply affected. Non-league football does not enjoy the riches of the Premier League but are often just as important to the local community.  Most non-league clubs are more than a senior team, they run football teams for all ages, sex and abilities.  Clubs at this level depend on volunteers.

Jim supports Reading City who play in the Hellenic Premier league.  Their season was cut short in March 2020 as Lockdown was imposed. They also lost revenue when Reading Festival was cancelled (literally being neighbours to the site the festival use, the festival traders camp around the pitch). Despite this loss of revenue, they made the decision to give anyone who works for the NHS free entry during the 2020/21 season.  

Whilst Jim awaited FCA authorisation he painted parts of the ground and refurbished some of the furniture.  This is nothing compared to the hours put in by the people behind the scenes who work endlessly and tirelessly to make sure these clubs survive.  But every little helps.  All clubs need volunteers, ask your local club if you have spare time.  And if not maybe go to a game.

If you ever attend a match at the Rivermoor, find Jim and he will be buy you a pint (although he will be very displeased if you spill any of it on the bits he painted).

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